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The Great Barrier Reef, off Australia's east coast, is one of the wonders of the natural world. It is World Heritage listed and is one of Australia's, and the world's, premier holiday destinations. The Great Barrier Reef boasts glorious weather, pristine rainforest, white sandy beaches, and an ocean varying in hue from blue to turquoise to green.

Great Barrier Reef Hotels

The following offer resort accommodation right on the Great Barrier Reef - where you can walk from the beach to the reef and experience one of natures true treasures. No lengthy boat rides to the reef from these islands!

The Great Barrier Reef stretches more than 2000 kilometres along the coastline of Queensland.

More than 2900 individual reefs and 71 coral islands make up the Great Barrier Reef. Islands and reefs are typically in remote locations. Access is via resort stays, day trips with tour operators or self-sail rentals.